Reduce anxiety and improve circulation while promoting well being. Now offering Gadabout Signature Massage lotion and oil blends. Infuse your lotion or oil with choice of three Gadabout Signature Essential Oil blends: Geranium Clarity, Bergamot Calming, and Eucalyptus Well-Being.

Gadabout Signature Massage Lotion is designed specifically for professional massages. This high glide lotion behaves like an oil without leaving your skin feeling oily or greasy afterwards. Organic Aloe Vera provides vital nutrients that help balance skin conditions while coconut, jojoba, sunflower and shea butter, leaves skin hydrated, soft and nourished.

Gadabout Signature Massage Oil Blend is designed specifically for professional use, and infuses the skin with anti-oxidants, vitamins, peptides and amino acids. You are left with soft, hydrated, healthy and glowing skin.


Tranquility Deep Relaxation Treatment • 50 min: $90 • 80 min: $125
Promotes healthy sleep and deep relaxation by releasing tensions in the muscles at the neurological level.

Himalayan Hot Stone • 50 min: $90 • 80 min: $125
Detox and relax with the thermodynamics of heated stones used as an extension of our therapist’s hands.

Deep Tissue • 50 min: $90 • 80 min: $125
Specific areas are addressed with therapeutic deep tissue massage.

Exfoliating • 50 min: $90
A full body massage using a hydrating exfoliant, followed by a warm rinse.

Mother to Be • 50 min: $75 • 80 min: $110
Our specialists have been educated in pre-natal work using a body support system to keep you and the baby safe.

Gadabout Signature  • 25 min: $45 • 50 min: $75 • 80 min: $110
Full body Swedish Massage.

We recommend maintaining your relaxation and smooth skin with professional home care products. To learn which products we recommend, click here.