Comfort Zone

treasure every moment. every day

welcome to [ comfort zone ] – an exclusive space for oneself, a complete product line of beauty treatments and rituals, cosmetics and elements of design to render every moment of one's life a pleasant interlude of well-being.

[ comfort zone ] is a sublime experience for the senses that incorporates a great passion for beauty.

This is why the lifestyle we believe in involves making each moment of one's life precious, and treasuring every moment, every day.

[ comfort zone ] is the cosmetics division of Davines S.p.a. – an Italian firm founded in 1982 by the Bollati family and a leader in research, production and the marketing of product lines for aesthetics and professional tricology. As well as the head office of research and production in Parma, the three branches in New York, Paris and London offer a support service in key areas of development.

Presented in 1996 as an innovative project concerning spaces, products for one’s well-being and beauty, [ comfort zone ] is today a well-known trademark in international cosmetics. Distributed in over 40 countries in the world, and enjoying a strong growth trend, its exclusive product line offers results of advanced research in formulation, refinement of Italian taste in its choice of an appropriate image and Oriental knowledge in its gentle and natural approach.

The distribution chains of [ comfort zone ] are a guarantee of professionalism throughout the world. Mainly identifiable in the industry of professional aesthetics, they include international health spas, luxury hotel chains and shop corners in selected spaces combined with professional consultancy.

The shared value in creating a company project that respects both the environment and a strategy of sustainable development entails a constant commitment from all creative and production departments in their choice of reliable suppliers, certified raw materials, recyclable packaging and quality and multi-functional accessories and furnishings.